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We will make sure that your products are just a few clicks away from the right customer.

The PC7 team will enable you to grow your business and manage your own online store in the easiest way. We will develop, design and help you set up a store that matches your and your customers' needs.

Grow your business. Start selling online.

Set up your online store to easily sell worldwide. We create stores that are easy to manage and fully customizable. PC7 takes your store to the next level!

  • Building your online shop from the ground up
  • Designing fully customizable online shops
  • Supporting you in setting up a shop on different marketplaces (Shopify, Amazon, etc)

Market research

The PC7 team will help you choose a product that will conquer the market. While using our own experience in eCommerce and running several successful online shops, we have insight into the newest world trends. We will advise you which product is right for you. In this phase we will do deep market research and identify trends specific to your niche, choose the most suitable product. After that, the planning process begins, where we define the main goals and functions of the new online store, analyze the competition and their online presence, and prepare a list of keywords. With the help of creating a "buyer person" profile and understanding their purchase path, we then outline a strong strategy for creating a new online store - the foundation of all subsequent steps.

Creation of Your Online Store

When designing an online store, we take a strategic approach, with which all elements work together and thus guide, inspire, and give the customer a reason to return to your online shop. In the process of creative design, we therefore first determine the overall image and visual representation of your website and install plugins that will direct the activity of your customers. Based on the data from the analysis, we plan innovative purchase paths, responsive design proposals and unique content that encourages the buyer's response and ensures visibility on the web search engines. With this, we create an advanced user experience that is tailored only to your target user and increase the chances of generating a conversion.


Digital Marketing

In order to be able to create a comprehensive strategy for your online presence, we need to get to know you well. First of all, we will therefore take you under the microscope: we will study your activity, purchasing processes and target groups. The growth of your online store depends not only on its functionality, but also on whether potential customers find you in the flood of different online stores. With our marketing team, we therefore take care of a creative and innovative marketing strategy, with the help of which we create a visually recognizable brand, strengthen your online presence, increase online sales and place you high in search queries.

Online Store Maintenance

When setting up an online store with our Magento, WooCommerce and Shopify programmers, we make sure to set up as much automation as possible, which saves you time and eliminates the possibility of errors that can lead to dissatisfied customers. Besides provoding our own ERP system we can connect the store with all external CRM and ERP programs for monitoring sales and store management, all in order to adapt the store for different devices and take care of on-site optimization. With detailed testing and monitoring of statistics with regular check-ins, we ensure that purchases and synchronization with external programs work quickly and smoothly. Once the development of the online store is complete, we do not leave you on your own, but rather continue to help the growth of your online store: with regular maintenance, we ensure that the website continues to function without problems, and with proactive solutions, we continue to take care of your sales and possible technical challenges.


Turn any business into online business.

Did you know that the eCommerce industry is expected to grow by almost $11 trillion between 2021 and 2025? The future of every business is online.

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Ideoshop team created an online store with perfect products for the whole family. High quality, fast delivery and great customer service is what the Ideoshop team takes great pride in. In only two months we managed to get over a few thousand satisfied customers!


An online pet store with high quality pet supplies. Pawwww team is a group of animal lovers and we do our best to find pawsome products for your four-legged friends. When we can't find the right product - we design the product ourselves. We did that with our best selling product Pawww® – Cozy Pet Bed Enriched with Pine Wood, a bed that brings nature to your home.

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